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Teen Daze


We are now¬†open at our new stunning location at 216 Commercial Ave. (by Bikespot and Marine Hardware). Please come check it out! We are also pleased to announce our first subscription program. This program is available for both in-store pickup and shipped globally. Choose from: Distro- Cassette Subscription – One tape from our family of […]

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Pre-Order/Reserve List [07.29.16]

Now accepting pre-orders/reserves for: Angie Stone – Covered In Soul (CD $14.99) Blackfoot – Southern Native (CD $14.99) Cheena – Spend The Night With (CD $14.99 / LP $19.99) Chris Lane – Girl Problems (CD $14.99) Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not (CD $14.99 / LP $19.99) DJ Snake – Encore […]

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